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Dating cherokee oklahoma

The surviving population withdrew to a few villages along the Coosa River in Alabama. Lewis thus describes -this site: “The remains—village debris—are of about the same general character over one-half mile, and for nearly the character and quantity as those found on the site of Old Coosa.”The first record of the town is found on Delisle’s map of 1704, where they are “les Abelkas,” and are noted on the east side of the Coosa River, apparently just above the influx of the Pakantalahassi.— Winsor.

The members of the Abihka were Upper Creek Indians. Belen’s map of 1733, also places the “Abeccas” on the east side of the Coosa, but at some distance from it.

After their removal to Oklahoma they established their first square ground a few miles from Eufaula.

Later many of them moved farther west, following the game, and they established another square, sometimes called “Abihka-in-the-west.” Both of these have been long abandoned.

Hernando de Soto and his expedition entered the Coosa chiefdom in 1540.

The Abihka were the remnants of the 16th century “Chiefdom of Coosa.” The Coosa chiefdom was a powerful Native American paramount chiefdom near what are now Gordon and Murray counties in Georgia, in the United States.Their main place of residence was along the banks of the Coosa and Alabama rivers, in what is now Talladega County, Alabama. The people of the town were closely related to the Kansas and other towns of the Upper Creeks, and indeed, Bartram identifies them as the Coussas. Grayson: At a certain time there was a contest for supremacy between the Kasihta, Coweta, Chickasaw, and Abihka, and this consisted in seeing which tribe could bring in the most scalps and heap them highest around the ball post.Abihka was one of the oldest of the Upper Creek towns in Alabama. Gatscbet says: Another native explanation for the tribal name is the following, originally obtained from a former Creek head chief, Spahi’tci, and related to me by the late Creek chief, Mr. Kasihta brought in the most, Coweta the next, the Chickasaw still fewer, and Abihka brought in only a very small number, which were thrown about the base of the post in a careless manner.Many towns settled in Oklahoma by Native Americas can trace their heritage back to Alabama and this historic town in Alabama.Several Oklahoma towns surrounding Henryetta have the same names as towns along the Coosa River in Alabama such as Wetumka (spelled Wetumpka in Alabama); Wewoka (an old Native American town in Talladega County – there is still a Wewoka Church and Wewoka Creek in Talladega County, Alabama); Eufaula (Eufaula, Alabama)After the removal to the Indian Territory, refugees from the Abihka mother-town established a ceremonial stomp dance ground which they call Abihka (or sometimes, Arbeka). Causey, resident of Alabama, was a teacher in the public school system for twenty years.

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This may perhaps be intended for Abihka, but if so it is badly misplaced.

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