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“I like the idea that it’s considered more normal for a young woman to want an older man than [for] a young man to want an older woman. "The world Rahmlow has created is so slick and animated.So I sat down and thought of all the reasons why it would be great, no matter how silly.” This new video launches Emmett's production company Mitten Boy, and culminates a year in which Emmett was a semi-finalist at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA, had a co-star role in NBC’s new hit comedy Community, and had a commercial for Direct TV airing nationally. It makes the video so fun to watch." The Cougar's are hilariously played by Rachel Bailit (Desperate Housewives, Tim and Eric Awesome Show), Lynette Dolan-Villarino (The Cooking Diva), and Romaine Wales (Dr. The timing couldn’t be better for Cougar Hunting now that Cougartown’s Courtney Cox is freshly single; and a feature film titled “Cougar Hunting” is soon to be released by Aspen Entertainment Group, starring Lara Flynn Boyle." Alice repeated skipping into the room and pulling me out of it. "Thanks." Bella and I say at the same exact moment. I'm dead bored." "She's such a pessimimist." These are all from Eclipse.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction After Ariana moves to Forks with her sister Bella she can't help but notice about the weird things that happen around her and in her life. "You've been looking a little pale lately." Esme commented.

Things start to take a turn for the worse when Bella's 18th birthday par...

I turn and saw Same Uley carrying Bella who looked unconscious.

Jake was the closest person to me and I flung my arms around his torso tightly and sobbed into his chest.

So with plenty of fuel on the cougar flame Emmett’s Cougar Hunting music video is set to go viral. 16th on i Tunes, You Tube, Funny Or Die, Vimeo, and College Humor.

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This page is a gallery of images of Emmett Cullen, ordered by film, who is played by Kellan Lutz.

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