Dating a waltham watch movement

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Dating a waltham watch movement

Hope Muntz’s 1948 novel The Golden Warrior, which is all about Harold, describes how his reeve was hanged from the yew for refusing to reveal where his master’s treasure was hidden.

Now in the care of the Sherwood Forest Trust, the tree, although in the shadow of its more famous neighbour the Major Oak, is still thought to be over 1,000 years old and as equally valuable in its own right.

The towering oak was adopted by Powell as a neat analogy in 1929 for not only the growth of the scouting movement worldwide, which began with a small trial camp some 21 years earlier, but as a message to young scouts that big things are possible from modest starts.

Gilwell Park has trained leaders and scouts across the years.

But whether the cavernous trunk of this magnificent oak ever really offered refuge to a king on the run, that’s not where its merit really lies.

For close to 1,000 years it has weathered the seasons in the heart of Meavy and served villagers on both spiritual and practical levels.

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It failed because he mistakenly brought in the black mulberry rather than white variety preferred by silk worms.

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