Dating a modern orthodox jew bradley james and katie mcgrath dating

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Dating a modern orthodox jew

She says she “fell in love with acting” when she was 8 years old.It was an unusual choice for a young girl who was religious and attending Orthodox day schools.The goal is to produce five more episodes for the series’ first season.“We’re looking to gain a big enough following,” says Gottfried, “so that we can take the show’s concept and pitch it to a larger network or online media platform.” Judy Bolton-Fasman is the culture reporter for Jewish Don’t be put off, though, by the series’ Orthodox trappings.“For Orthodox people it’s seeing their world portrayed in a series,” Gottfried says.

“There’s a real thirst for this kind of content,” Gottfried says.Her love of film also led her to create a film major at Stern College.After graduation she founded Dignity Entertainment, a production company that creates short films, music videos and feature films for clients.“I was blown away that something like that could exist and have a huge audience,” says Gottfried.“It was an inspiration for creating something like [that series], but base it in New York City where there is so much good material.” “Srugim” centers on the romantic adventures of five single Orthodox characters in Jerusalem and picked up a devoted American following through Hulu.

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“Soon By You.” It’s a wish, a blessing, a phrase that single Modern Orthodox Jews who are dating too often hear from well-meaning family and friends.