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Those same rules apply to online, long distance relationships.

Trust and communication play an important part even more when the two people are in different countries.

Don’t undersell yourself because you might think you are too fat, too thin, balding, too old, or too shy. Promise to take her to La Bodeguita for a mojito, and to El Floridita for a delicious Daiquiri.

These normal frailties, if the can be called that, are not an issue. Learn a little Spanish so that you can at least speak the basics.

Although I meet a lot of locals here, I feel more comfortable amongst expats like myself.

My name is Kelly and my (now husband) Roger and I met on your site.

When you chat to her, find some areas of common interest about which you can talk. Dayanis likes going to the beach, and doing that in Havana is a real pleasure with that small country having some of the world’s best beaches. If you have been in a relationship before, you know the rules.

First is marrying Roger.”Why the Expatica Dating site?

Unlike Vicky, Craig has no problems with posting information about himself online – especially on Expatica.

I’ve been on this site for about 2 months and I’ve met some interesting women.

Actually if you’re a girl, you’ll do well on this site.

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Whether that’s her personality or a woman’s prerogative is unknown, but supposedly what these lady’s want is a real take charge guy – who is a gentleman.

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