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Follow these steps to create a Customer Service Schedule: Now you have successfully created a service schedule along with adding a holiday schedule.

If your organization needs more than one service schedule, that can be done as well. Now that we have created a service schedule, we can define what our expected levels of response should be.

The charts are: For more information, see this article.

If you have any custom fields, entities, or other content in your CRM, clicking Metadata will sync it with Click Dimensions so Click Dimensions can access it/map data to it/etc. DNS Settings is where you will add your CNAMEs to mask your email links.

All the Date Time fields I fetch from the CRM-Soap-Service are set to the local client timezone. But users can set their own Time Zone in Dynamics CRM, so I have to convert the local Time Zone, retrieved by Service to the users setting Time Zone (for instance (GMT-) Central America) All meta data of the users setting for Time Zones I can fetch from CRM are: Dynamics CRM doesn't provide me well formed meta data to simply convert the current timezone.

Maybe I can handle with set Minutes() of the Date() object, but that does not change the Time Zone in the Object itself. is allowed :-) I don't believe what you said above is correct.

Tracking Script is where you will find the tracking script that you must place on your website in order for Click Dimensions to track it.

You may create different Service Level Agreements based on types of customers or geographic regions if you have different locations that might have different schedules and time zones.

In my experience the best approach with CRM is to always leave dates and time as universal time and let the browser convert to local time.

Convert UTC date time to local date time using Java Script You could always retrieve the users timezone settings from CRM ( and convert the UTC time from CRM to local time as a strategy of last resort.

Auto Update displays the current version of Click Dimensions that you are using and provides three different update methods: For more information on Auto Update, see this article.

Connectors is where you can integrate a Go To Webinar, Web Ex, Eventbrite, CVENT, Twilio, Bulk SMS, Message Net, RSS to Email, or Social Marketing with your CRM.

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