Complaints against adult dating sites

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We anticipate that there shall now be a national debateover the report and the draft legislation so that the Government may examinepros and cons before taking steps to legislative design. In the preventive aspects, the committee recommended somesystemic adjustment including making legal compliance report necessary andattaching certain functional responsibilities to the financial auditors.2.In the last decade, instances of ‘scam’have gone up.People, banks and financial institutions have suffered losses ofthousand of crores.

We are obliged to your Legal Department for extendingall secretarial and other support. The common law pressure ofthe justice delivery system on account of ‘proof beyond doubt’ is very heavyespecially in the offences relating to finance.

Added with the above weakness, there is weakness in theadministration of criminal justice.

Financial fraud is not an offence in spiteof the fact that the banks and financial institutions suffer heavily in fraudscommitted by the borrowers, more often than not, in collusion with the employeesof the banks and financial institutions.

The Committee has suggested a Bill for establishing a Bureau for investigatingserious financial fraud and has also suggested a fast track special court withsitting or retired High Court Judge to preside over.

The Committee would like tohave a national debate on its suggestion before the government acts on thisreport.

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