College freshman dating high school junior

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If you have not been talking about the hard stuff, drugs, birth control, sex, consent…is the time to start. Your child is now in world where these issues arise, if not for them (hopefully!) for schoolmates, and the time to talk is early and often.Academics may seem a bit challenging, but for most freshman, there is still time to experiment with different extracurricular interests.The most important things a freshman learns are about herself.He explained it this way, “Think about what time is okay for a high school senior to come in a night.

And as you mentioned, the GPA colleges look at include grades from 9th to 11th grade – and each grade counts equally.For most school districts, ninth grade provides an opportunity for teenagers to expand and/or completely change their social group.As multiple middle schools feed into one high school, it can be immensely liberating for 8th grade students who crave different peer groups.It’s just too late to start understanding the process if you wait till junior year, especially from a cost standpoint.FAFSA forms are based on tax information from January of a student’s junior year.

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