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6) CATHERINE OF ARAGON (1485 – 1536 Queen from 1509) – wife of the 'English' King Henry III, pushed aside by Anne Boleyn (Esther) [7v1], [Sh EK], ch.5.

7) THE WIFE OF KING CAMBYSES I (OR CYRUS), pushed aside by a young beauty–hetaerae Nitesis (Esther).

Because they did notwant their personal drama to relate to theshow.

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12) PLAUTIA URGULANILLA or AELIA PAETINA – two lawful wives of Roman Emperor Claudius, pushed aside later on by the promiscuous Messalina [RI], ch.6.

9) PASIPHAE – the wife of 'ancient' Cretan King Minos [RI], ch.2.

10) AGRIPPINA – the wife of Roman Emperor Tiberius [RI], ch.3.

11) LAWFUL WIFE of Roman Emperor Caligula [RI], ch.5.

If you dontlike what you have ru,es about the school, then of course, dontattend and dont send your children.

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Althoughtheir romance was kept a secret for a while, later on the mediamanaged to expose the details of penn badgley and blake lively dating.