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Around 1968, the G12M became a 25w speaker and the label of the 15ohm version also changed to 16ohm at some point.

G12M Blackback 25w 55hz The sound of the G12M tends to be very pronounced on the midrange, with a sweet, woody, warm and smooth sound.

Also, an important note is: 15ohm to 16ohm does NOT really make a difference, since it’s too small on its own. You can run any 16ohm amp safely through them with no worries.

Because of this, I will always call them 16ohm speakers in this post from now on, even if the label says otherwise, in order to avoid confusion.

This is also why the G12H has a certain “bright” character, since the mid frequencies won’t mud it out. The big magnet provides a very strong attack and aggressive sound.

The power handling will only tell how much wattage it can take safely without blowing.

The 100db efficiency makes this speaker even louder, with a huge impact, especially in a 4×12 cab.

1969 Marshall 1982B cab with 30w G12H 55hz and the (lovely) “100” logo The 55hz version was used by Marshall in the 1982A and 1982B cabs.

It’s simply a “generic” name that was given to the speakers of this period, similar to how “Plexi” is a name to all the pre-1969 Marshalls.

In other words, both the G12M and G12H can be called “Greenbacks”.

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Speakers are extremely important when we are talking about tone. This article will be a (maybe not so) small post about the history of Celestion, as well as a brief description of each model they produced over the years. I’ll simply feature the ones that I think are the most popular and most widely used models. Early years and the G12 Al Ni Co Celestion started as a manufacturer of speakers for general use (radio, TV, etc.) back in the 1920s.