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Carbon dating laboratory uk

Harry secured the enthusiastic advice of Alfred Maddock, a radiochemist by avocation and a walking encyclopaedia by nature, to steer the technical side.I had met Alfred at a Radiation Chemistry Conference in Leeds in April of 1952, and was as impressed with his capacity then as I am forty-four years later.I used to stay at his house in Santa Monica, watching the sun go down over the Pacific and arguing furiously well into the night with generous doses of libation.He was always churning with ideas which flowed from him like an open fire hydrant.It is nearly fifty years now since Willard Libby's concept of Radiocarbon Dating spread like wildfire and captured the imagination of every archaeologist and Quaternary geologist world-wide.It was the 'brave new world', 'the new frontier', and every other clich Zˇ one can think of - so if one word could be used to describe it, it would be 'excitement'.One of the better ones was of course Radiocarbon Dating itself, and thoroughly deserved the Nobel Prize.It was a beautiful piece of intuitive deductive thinking, backed up by the barest minimum of experimental effort to demonstrate its validity.

We were nothing if not cosmopolitan: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina - we even had some fellow all the way from Yorkshire.In many ways the era was analogous to today's computer explosion where fortune favours the young and the brave.One may detect the deliberate use of the word 'build', and not 'operate' for, as we shall see, few had discovered the magic formula for making it work.It was in this firmament of hope compounded by confusion that rewarding careers began and lifelong friendships were forged.It was thus in early 1952 that Harry Godwin, who had recently formed the University Sub-Department of Quaternary Research in the Botany School, applied for a grant from the Nuffield Foundation of eight thousand pounds over five years to create the Cambridge Laboratory.

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Today, such interdisciplinary research is not only taken for granted, but has proven to be the vital synergism for some spectacular advances.