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Most Divorced Over 50’s report that their sex life during marriage, particularly toward the end of it, was extremely lacking.

In fact, several of the interviewees for Gray Divorce Stories acknowledged going years without having any sex as their marriages fell apart.

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Even if you eventually only check off a few of the goals, you’ll still be so much better off.

And you’ll see that many of them have made it through the difficulties and pain, and are now moving forward into their brighter future. They are all discussed briefly, and over 90 links are provided offering more detailed information.

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We’ve linked to her in the past (So Why Did You Get Divorced?

), and are happy to do it again with this piece from the Chicago Tribune, “Women Over 50 Have Radiance in Abundance.” The heart of her column concerns a letter she got from a 53 year old man whose 23 year marriage had ended in 2010.

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But what if you asked a divorced woman over 50 for the first word that pops into her head?

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