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Black and yellow dating

Apple blossoms are a favourite of bees, who thrive on the nectar.

These bees and other insects help pollinate the apple trees (Paterson, page 115).

To make one, you peel a large apple, leaving a little skin at the top and bottom to encourage the apple to dry in a rounded head shape.

Carve shallow features, such as eyes, wide apart, for the head will shrink as it dries.

The fruit matures in summer, and is larger than that of a Crab Apple, averaging three and a half inches across.

Crab Apple trees are cultivated in orchards, but also can grow wild in hedgerows and near the fringe of woods. The leaves are heart shaped, glossy and a medium green shade (Paterson, page 107; Hopman, page 87).

A rugged individual, he walked barefoot and slept outdoors, with a Bible and a pocket full of apple seeds.

In folk tradition, he is described as barefoot, wearing clothing made from sacks, with a tin pot for a hat, which he also cooked in.

The Crab Apple is a member of the Rose family, which includes other magical British ogham trees, such as Rowan, Hawthorn and Blackthorn, as well as other fruit trees such as the Cherry, Plum and Pear trees (Paterson, page 106).

In Scotland, the Crabapple is the plant badge of Clan Lamont, whose Highland territories were around Cowall and Argyll.

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Johnny Appleseed John Chapman (born in Leominster, Massachusetts on September 26, 1774; and died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at aged 70, on March 18, 1845), also known as ‘Johnny Appleseed’, planted a popular American variety, the Jonothan Apple, across the American wilderness in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

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