Bitdefender is not updating servlet program for updating database

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I've 50Mbps always from comcast, still youtube is slow, netflix is slow (though it works fine in my xbox one), even google maps is slow, daily motion is slow. i've checked for anti virus none, checked unwanted plugins none, no extn running in chrome. As suggested, I've uninstalled Bit Defender and disabled H/W acceleration, will post an update how it works after these 2 changes.

Not sure y chrome had become so slow, been using it since it came several yrs ago. pathetic thing is its a new laptop with 32GB RAm, NVidia 770 GTX card, i7 proc, Intel SSD. I have been trying to find the solution for last 2 days.

You know for being the best antivirus I could buy I'm starting to regret my descision going with them. Chrome was taking several seconds to open maps or calendar from gmail page but it's almost instant on Firefox. I went to IE and opened a page, it was asking to be set as default browser, I Hey guys.

I stumbled upon this thread trying to figure out WHY bitdefender firewall is killing my chrome, but i just cant find an answer... God damn it Bitdefender I'll contact them and try to find a solution for this. I have given up on chrome for now and have switched to Firefox. Have imported all my Bookmarks from chrome and gmail works fine. I did a system refresh, restore, re install, plus all the other settings tweaks suggested here.

SC Magazine reported that Lavasoft had been acquired by the same entrepreneurs who have been accused of selling software that is available for free to unwitting users under the guise of premium support, Additionally, Danchev has reported in 2013 that Lavasoft was used to hide hard-to-uninstall programs into third-party software to trick the users in installing them, like in the K-Lite Codec Pack, and the Lavasoft Web Companion changed your browser without given permission.

Other Adaware products include Adaware Ad Block, Adaware Web Companion, Lavasoft Digital Lock, Lavasoft File Shredder, Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox and Lavasoft Registry Tuner.

I can't understand what the geniuses in their headquarters have in their minds, but it doesn't seem to work. When chrome beta first launched was faster than every browser around; 40 iterations later and it looks like 40 times slower and consuming much more than Vista was at its prime.

Just wait till the IT department at google wakes up.

Over time, Ad-Aware added the ability to block those beacons, or ads.

In the 2008 Edition, Lavasoft bundled Ad-Aware Pro and Plus for the first time with an antivirus scanner, However, it stated that no such tests have been run on the newest version. Rubenking at PCMag performed a lab test on version 8.3, where Ad-Aware scored 9.2 points, beating the previous top score of 9.1.

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anyone has any thoughts on how t fix this or is that best way to move all your tabs on firefox/waterfox? Its not my internet, as i have about 25Mbps down and 7 up.

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