Bes license count not updating

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Bes license count not updating

Database mirroring is not supported for the distribution database.

For information about recovering a distribution database or subscription database without any need to reconfigure replication, see Back Up and Restore Replicated Databases.

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Mirroring involves applying the transaction log from every insertion, update, or deletion made on the principal database onto the mirror database.

Replication failover to a mirror is fully supported for publication databases, with limited support for subscription databases.

-- In the agent_type column returned by sp_help_agent_profile: -- 1 = Snapshot Agent; 2 = Log Reader Agent; 3 = Distribution Agent; 4 = Merge Agent; 9 = Queue Reader Agent.

With this feature enabled, a dialog box should appear when you click the Sign In button, asking if you want Windows to remember your password.

-- Execute sp_help_agent_profile in the context of the distribution database to get the list of profiles.

-- Select the profile id of the profile that needs to be updated from the result set.

If the mirror is unavailable, the principal database is running exposed (that is, unmirrored).

However, the Log Reader Agent only replicates those transactions that are hardened on the mirror.

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If the mirror is unavailable, the principal disallows further activity in the database; therefore the Log Reader Agent has no transactions to replicate.

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