Battery by strangulation dating violence

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Domestic battery by strangulation is codified at Florida Statute 784.041(2)(a).This statute says, “A person commits domestic battery by strangulation if the person knowingly and intentionally, against the will of another, impedes the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of a family or household member or of a person with whom he or she is in a dating relationship, so as to create a risk of or cause great bodily harm by applying pressure on the throat or neck of the other person or by blocking the nose or mouth of the other person.Back to top When you have been charged with a domestic violence crime in Melbourne, Florida, avoiding jail requires finding the appropriate legal counsel.The attorneys at Law Offices of Germain & Mc Carthy, LLC are prepared to work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best outcome based on your circumstances.We’re available at 813-444-7435, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because of this, there is a greater likelihood that you’ll need to go to trial in order to avoid pleaing to something you didn’t do.At Law Offices of Germain & Mc Carthy, LLC, you can speak with a skilled defense attorney with years of experience representing clients against domestic violence charges and related offenses.If you live in Melbourne, Florida and have been arrested on domestic battery by strangulation charges, a criminal defense attorney can assist you.With violent crimes such as these on your record, finding employment may be increasingly difficult for those convicted.Domestic violence charges carry serious penalties in the state of Florida.

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Call Law Offices of Germain & Mc Carthy, LLC at (321) 253-3447 to schedule a free consultation to speak with a defense attorney about your charges.

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