Background investigation for internet dating

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Background investigation for internet dating

Coder deployed a laptop and a projector to teach her students — mostly women in their 30s — how to analyze the online profiles of prospective love matches. 1: If someone uses the word “honest” to describe him or herself, they probably aren’t. Coder advises students to set up two profiles: one of them real, the other a “control post.” While the real profile contains a person’s actual information — height, hair color, likes and so on — the control post is fabricated and exaggerated. Next, input that number into a website that supplies corresponding rent levels. “Look, I know the economy is tough and that New York is expensive.Finally, divide the rent figure by the suitor’s number of roommates, then multiply that figure by 40 — in New York, renters are supposed to have an annual income 40 times their monthly rent.“I started thinking, ‘How do you know that you won’t become some unemployed guy’s meal ticket? I’d rather date a guy who has nothing and works his way to what he has.For around a month for unlimited access, you can play your own gumshoe.

Just be aware of the situation you’re getting into. He sent me a link to his Facebook page and asked me to investigate him.”Dating Clues During a recent class held in a Manhattan office building, Ms. If a picture was taken at a bar or restaurant that has since shut down, it’s probably old; if it’s a close-up shot, it could mean a man is shorter than he claims, or that a woman is cropping out a boyfriend; if it’s a series of vacation photos, it could mean the subject already has a significant other, because no one not named Kardashian travels with a personal photographer. 3: Input the profile’s text into the “Gender Genie,” an online algorithm that supposedly can ascertain whether a profile was written by a man or a woman.“That one is more for the guys than the girls,” Ms. “There are a lot of hookers online, but also a lot of drag queens.”When using online dating sites or Craigslist, Ms. It’s even possible to ballpark a potential partner’s income level, Ms. First, use the neighborhood they live in to figure out their ZIP code.These include a charming personality, Leonardo Di Caprio–level looks, a slick wardrobe, or a killer apartment.But O’Toole warns us not to be fooled: “All those are superficial and in no way indicative of their character.” Lucky for us, you don’t need to be an FBI special agent to find any (possible) skeletons in the closet.Not so fast, counsels Investi Date founder Maria Coder, a 35-year-old public relations manager from New York City.Your future significant other could have a criminal background, be married, running a financial scam or hiding a substance abuse problem. But it becomes a big deal when people lie about what they do, where they live, who they are.”The ubiquity of online dating services and social networking, Ms.

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A former crime reporter, she realized her investigative journalism skills could help her more safely navigate a confusing, oft-disappointing, potentially dangerous dating landscape. Coder’s website puts it: Are you swooning over a closeted-serial killer? She also dated a man who claimed he owned a transportation company — but actually owned a pedicab. Coder originally planned to write a book about romantic investigation, only to shelve the idea in favor of pursing a romantic relationship. I always hope one day I’ll get married to a great guy who would never do that to me.

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