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Atheist dating websites

They also shared Manson’s belief that the Beatles’ White Album was sending them messages about how to participate in Helter Skelter.

Songs like Piggies”, from that album, inspired drug-addled murderers like Charles “Tex” Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel to go into the Hollywood Hills and commit the gruesome murders of successful, rich members of the upper classes.

Only Solar Temple converts would escape the fate of mankind: since they were the faithful, they would be spared.

The Solar Temple devotees believed that suicide was actually salvation, and that they would be really be going on a journey to a star called Sirius.

The epitome of hippie idealism, Krishna followers believed utterly in the God “Krishna” who was actually a character created for a novel, Mahabaratha.

The distinctive, relentless chanting practiced by followers of this cult actually meant “the energy of the Lord”.

Korea is the chosen realm of this kingdom, according to Moon, who has earned millions and millions of dollars from Koreans, his chosen people, while preaching that Christian churches are the devil’s instruments.

A seriously twisted cult that delivered an evil message that sex with children was natural and right, The Children of God cult was also known as the Family and was founded by David Berg.

It is believed that the cult lures in young people and separates them from their loved ones by making them feel a part of a new and more loving family.The only chance of escape, preached leaders Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, was to get off the planet – immediately.Such teachings were the harbingers of mass suicides, and the followers were prepared with instructional videos and teachings, to leave their “flesh bodies” behind, and ascend to a new level of being.These beliefs were so strong that, in 1994, 53 members of the cult were found dead of suicide in a compound near Geneva, Switzerland.Joret, having earned more than 93 million dollars instilling this doctrine in his followers, was one of the dead in Switzerland, apparently also on a “death voyage” to a distant star: Joret started out as Gestapo officer during World War II.

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Moon expects to be treated as God, because he believes he is God, or so he has led his many followers to believe.