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Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad.

“I come from an ordinary family, and this is how I lived for a long time, nearly my whole life.

There, he was told that first, he would have to either serve in the army or complete college, preferably with a degree in law.

Then I returned again to Leningrad, worked there in the First Main Directorate – the intelligence service.That directorate had branches in major cities of the Soviet Union, including Leningrad.I worked there for about four and a half years.” Then Mr Putin returned again to Moscow to study at the Andropov Red Banner Institute, where he was trained for his trip to Germany.She met with his father asking him to influence his son.It did not help much, but Vladimir Putin himself radically changed his attitude toward his studies when he was in the sixth grade. I was asserting myself through sports, achieving something. No doubt, this had an enormous effect.” In the sixth grade, Vladimir Putin decided that he needed to achieve something in life, so he began getting good grades, which came easily to him.

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