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The day I expected Darcy to text me came and went and I figured it was over. But she's into new music too and it doesn't seem like it's garbage.But it didn't matter that much because I had met Amanda and she seemed really fun. I'm sure she has insecurities like everyone else but they don't seem to be crippling. She makes me laugh and I feel 100% confident around her. The reason I feel so confident is because I know she's not.But I didn't say things like "I haven't heard from you. So really, she had had no opportunity to even think about me. I think she's self-conscious because she's not a girly girl.

Full text is available to Purdue University faculty, staff, and students on campus through this site.She could loosen up and we could find great chemistry. But she's hilarious and smart and nerdy and super sexy. I mean, what's the difference between fighting a porn addiction and fighting a word of wisdom addiction? It sounds more like a social thing, not a daily thing. Again, we would have to get together and if there are fireworks and unbelievable chemistry then I'd figure out what to do.Even if we do, though, how are we supposed to get together?? She's the type of girl my mom would disapprove of and that's undeniably attractive. I'm probably more spiritually compatible with Breanne than I am with the others. Is she just temptation to relax a little bit spiritually? After writing this, I really hope Darcy texts me when she gets back from Utah.Then it occurred to me that she probably meant in 2 weeks after she got back from Alaska, before her trip to Utah.(I know, the girl is all over.) So, I waited for that day to come but I decided to chat with other girls online in the meantime, just in case I never heard back from Darcy ever again. There's something to be said about all those things.

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