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He slobbered greedily as her long, white fingers with blood red fingernails raked through his hair. Please enter your name and registration" she had said in perfect English. Her pussy squeezed his cock as it completely milked him of his spunk. He could see the flickering blue and red lights of police vehicles and a small crowd of curious spectators being held back by officers in front of the yellow tape.

She was muttering obscenities in some Eastern European language. He had brought her out of the package where she had been lying in the foetal position and stood her up. He muttered an expletive and ordered the car doors to open.

These terms do not occur in formal South African English.

Note when the letter "g" is either the first or last letter of the word or syllable, it is pronounced as an unvoiced velar fricative in the back of the throat.

She wore the ridiculously short black and white maid's uniform with class and cooked and cleaned with elegance and poise. This was the type of woman that men could only dream about: sweet, sexy, compliant and totally without drama.

She would do whatever he wanted without complaining even once.

You know what, lets just forget about the beach and have a braai instead, all we need is some meat, mieliepap, some cooldrinks, maybe a brinjal and some other veggies. He was tuning me just now from his bakkie my bokkie is a soutie and a rooinek. And if someone can bring some biscuits for a banofi pie that would be great. I'm warning you my dad won't tolerate any gesuipery, he'll klap you stukkend! Marcus Bleak's Residence, Lindengracht, Amsterdam, Saturday, 05 October, 2052 Marcus thought the heavy tits of his maid Agnes looked awesome as they bounced up and down inches away from his nose.Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page.This list of "Afrikanerisms" comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages.

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Jinne man, just put on your tekkies and your costume, don't be dof!