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I have not sharpened the joys and the sorrows; there was genuine gold and genuine guilt. The characters in my story are real, every one of them. As with all the others, wives and lovers and pets, friends and enemies and quizzical bystanders, I've drawn them as I remember them, with no fear and much, much favor.

And when I praise Grace Hopper and Gerhard Neumann, or criticize Vin Learson, it is from the heart. —Mies, Switzerland [1991] [ Prev ] [ Next ] [ Contents ] [ Index ] [ Top ] In Chapter 01 you will encounter (in order of appearance): Watson Senior [Thomas J.

S., and I consulted for the largest and best Japanese computer company.

And I had four wonderful wives, and a hundred lovely supporters, and terrific friends on five continents - and some very lively enemies.

Slice it along the time axis and you have histories: big computers, software, the evolution of standards.

Slice it another way and you have applications: science, or banking, or air defense; another, and you have organizations.

I decided to continue the material more or less seamlessly, and to call the result a second edition of COMPUTER rather than a separate book. There are no pictures this time, although I have many more to display. Errors that I am aware of in the first edition have been corrected, although I am sure there are others, and not a few in the new material.

The table of contents and the chronology have been extended.

" at every married IBM woman [1948] was very appealing. " as I grew into a manager - oh, the parallels were evocative.Perhaps I could do for the computer trade what Casanova did for Venetian diplomacy? Or I could do a history: a history of the computer times I had lived through.I had mountains of books and papers and clippings to help me crosscheck against the increasingly divergent recollections of others, and could certainly make a useful contribution to the unfolding story of that intelligence amplifier everybody now calls the computer.This is a poor substitute for a careful index, and I apologize. I was a charter member of the world's first and largest professional computer society, and the first national president ever elected by membership petition.If I ever complete the 1967-87 years, which is possible but not too likely, I will then undertake a full index. To look back from that cusp to a younger and happier time, when anything seemed possible and the world of computing was just opening out, is a great privilege, and a very great pleasure. I worked in Monaco and Switzerland and the Netherlands when I was too controversial to be employable in the U.

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