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Add dating link rule

The Group Quick Selection Icon is positioned on the left in all Collections and allows you to quickly select all items in the Group, all the items on the page, or to deselect all the selected items with one click.

Along the top is the Group Dropdown, where you can create a new Group or select one you have previously created.

For example, put the 20% discount above the 10% discount. Would give this a 5 star rating if it weren't for these two hiccups. It solves many problems in some very clever ways without having to learn rocket science. I believe we have it set up correctly, but it is not limiting the discount as it should.

Or create rules to apply discounts automatically based on what's in their shopping cart. The link generator does not save any link, it just helps you build the url that has the discount attached to it. Avoid popup/modal cart types Avoid non-alphanumeric characters like % or ! You can create custom rules that will be checked every time a user adds something to the cart. I've had this happen 3 times already and after ensuring everything is still active on both the app and the coupon area, it seems to be an app mishap?

An optional condition narrowed the selection of contacts affected by the Rule.

Rules could be paused to prevent them from acting on any contact until unpaused.

At the right top are three more tools for the Collection.

You can search for data in any of the columns displayed in columns in the Collection, click the Pin icon to add the Collection page to the Pinned Items page, and add columns to the Collection listing.

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The Add Column button displays all the available columns allowing you to select what to show in the Collection.