Adam sevani dating

Posted by / 20-Mar-2017 12:11

Alyson Stoner often releases dance videos to popular songs on her channel, but this week she decided to shake things up with special guests and a hilarious mock movie.

In a new Youtube video entitled “If Life Were a Dance Movie,” the dancer and singer reunites with some former co-stars and other famous dancers to joke about the formulaic nature of dance movies.

Sevani was born on 29 June 1992 and raised in Los Angeles, California.Kidzworld: The main message I got from the movie is to follow your passion.Sometimes kids and teens have parents trying to guide them in a direction they don't want to go in. He started dancing at 3 years old since his father was a choreographer.Then he enhanced his dancing skills at the Synthesis Dance Center, the dancing studio founded by his parents.

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