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In Belarus, men have a life expectancy of 65.3 years, while it's 77 years for women.Only war-torn Syria has a bigger life-expectancy gap between men and women.

According to the very first census conducted in Russia, there were 98.9 men for every 100 women in 1897.Most men who die young in Russia do so because of drinking and alcohol-related incidents, Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said last year.The imbalance between the sexes is in reverse in China and India, countries known for sex-selective abortions and female infanticide.The stories migrants hear often aren't realistic As victims of conflict and political oppression, many traumatized young refugees apparently want to put the ugly past behind them and look forward to a new life in Europe and, in their opinion, what better way to do so than getting married to a European girl."Many young refugees plan to marry European girls, as they realize this would help them settle in and speed up the process acquiring citizenship," Ahmed, an Algerian who works in a second-hand clothes shop, tells ERR News, requesting that the reporter not mention his last name."Those guys also think that way because of the stories they hear in their home countries about countrymen getting married to beautiful Western women without having to pay large dowries, although a lot of these stories are fake.For instance, I heard that one of my countrymen had married a beautiful German girl and became a German citizen, only to find out after I came to Europe that he had married an old woman and broke up with her shortly afterwards."Immigrants from third countries, especially Middle Eastern and African immigrants, tend to marry women much older than them because marrying partners of their age can be very difficult, and because their purpose is met by any marriage, a Middle Eastern immigrant married to an Estonian woman says.

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The requirements include living in Estonia for eight years, and having a basic knowlege of the Estonian language and constitution."After I came here I realized that there were several barriers holding me back from that dream…