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1 2 1 dating on view

In light of Irenaeus’ dependence on Papias (as well as his interpretation of his statement), this part of the tradition does not receive an independent testimony.

But Irenaeus adds the interesting point that the time when Matthew wrote this was when Peter and Paul were in Rome.

Nevertheless, the attachment of the name of Matthew to the first gospel may well indicate that it ultimately goes back to him, even if completed by a later compiler.

In fact, Matthew’s Gospel was quoted (and copied) far more often than either Mark or Luke.(2) Some have suggested therefore (as an expedient to salvage the first view) that Papias was referring to Matthew’s literary method, rather than linguistics, but such is by no means a natural interpretation of .(3) Although Papias could have been wrong—and he was a man of meager intelligence (according to Eusebius)!However, Origen adds nothing to what Papias has said, and may well have assumed that Papias was speaking about the Gospel rather than a sayings source.After Origen, Eusebius, Jerome, Augustine and others echoed the opinion of Matthean authorship.

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